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This reference tool enables a student, librarian, or teacher to identify superlative sources of information about a subject of inquiry, viewed through the lens of expert opinion. The subject specialists who select the citations published in The Infography are professors, librarians, and other scholars who know the literature about their subjects of expertise, who know which information sources are seminal for research.

The Infography (in-fóg-ra-phy) serves as the antidote to information overload and qualitatively suspect sources. It integrates citations to books, Internet sites, journal articles, and other sources that provide excellent information. Each subject entry in The Infography refers the learner to six highly recommended sources of information, and most subject specialists also include a longer list of other worthwhile sources for further research.

Librarians depend upon citations to good information in order to serve their patrons and institutions, and The Infography brings quality, efficiency, comprehensive scope, and precise focus to their reference readiness. It invigorates their response to the most common question in libraries, "Can you help me find good information about this topic?"

Students can best engage the process of learning if they first read the finest sources of information before deepening their survey of the literature. Such "top-down research" begins with the reading recommendations of the professors and other subject specialists who share their wisdom through The Infography.

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