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Attention, Book Publishers!
If your book is cited in The Infography,
bring book-specific traffic to your
web site with our Publisher Link!
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Attention, Advertising Agencies!
Impress your clients!
Enhance the quality of your placement mix
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Traffic Report
The audience of The Infography is comparable to that of a monthly print journal with 66,430 subscribers.

The Infography has been online since 1998. The average flow of traffic in a recent month was 2,184 unique visitors per day. Sponsors can access our exact traffic reports for each of their advertisements, with monthly summaries and itemized detail. If a sponsor has its own internal system of traffic analysis, we can implement its "hidden pixel image" to feed traffic data to that system, or we can provide tab-separated text files of traffic data for importing into databases or spreadsheets.

The audience of The Infography is as general as the Internet audience, but with a preponderance of college professors, librarians, authors, research specialists, and other subject authorities. This cream-of-the-crop audience in targeted fields of knowledge offers the attention of experts who are most influential in the sponsors' fields of enterprise. When a sponsor impresses these leaders, that impression spreads to others.

Have your own system of traffic analysis?
We can implement your hidden pixel image!

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